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Pharma API and Excipients

The Pharmaceutical Industries in Pakistan rely on imports for their requirements of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), Excipients & Intermediates.

The Pharmaceutical Department of division petrochimique serves in identifying the optimal sources & services from internationally acclaimed manufacturers and suppliers and facilitates connecting them to national & multi-national Pharmaceutical Companies for their formulations. We also cater to the requirements of Intermediates, Solvents etc. of local API’s manufacturers.

The division has also special expertise in providing up-dated market intelligence reports. Technical documentations and dossiers under confidentiality & cooperation / Supply agreements are also in our domain.

APIs are available in following categories

Anabolic Agents
Anaesthetics-Local and General
Analgesics and Antipyretics
Antacids, Antiflatulents
Anti Viral
Antiallergic, Antiseptics, Anti-Infective & Eye-Washes
Antibiotic, Anti Bactrial Plus Corticosteriod
Anti-Emetics, Anti-Neuseants
Antimalarials, Anti-paracytics
Antimitotic Agents
Anti-obesity Agents
Antiparasitics, Anti-Mycotic
Antispasmodics Anti-cholinergics, Antacid-Sedative combination and other ulcer healing drugs
Aural preparations
Bored spectrum Antibiotics
Bronchial Spasm Relaxants
Cardiac Reactants
Cerebral Neurotrophics
Chloramphenical preparations
Clotting agents/Reduces Bleeding Time
Contaceptives (Local/Oral)
Corticosteriod Hormones and related compounds
Counter-Irritants and Rebefacints
Dermatological Antiseptics
Digestive Enzymes, Appetite Stimulants
Diuretics and Blood Alkalisers
Drugs Acting locally on Rectum
Drugs acting onliver and Gallbladder Including Cholagogue & Choleretics
Drugs Used for Migraine
Endocrines Miscellaneous
Expectorants, Cough Suppressant and Antitussive
Eye Miscellaneous Drugs
Female sex hormones
Genito-Urinary Miscellaneous Drugs
Geriatric Preparations
Hypolipidimics, Miscellaneous
Insulin, Oral Hypoglycaemics & Pancreatic preparations
Iron and Erythropoletic preparations
Lexatives Purgatives and Lubricants
Local Reactants on the Nesopharynx
Local Reactants on vagina & oral Anti-Inflammatory
Local-acting Anti Inflammatory preparations
Locally-acting sedatives
Mineral and Nutritional Additives
Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Oropharyngeal preparations
Pencillin preparations
Preparations action on the uterus & cervix
Reactants on vascular system including Anti-Hypertensives
Respiratory Stimulants
Rigidity and Tremor controllers, Neuro Musclar Relaxant & Anti-Curare drugs
Sedatives and Tranquillizers
Skin Miscellaneous Drugs
Steriod-Hormones/Male sex hormones
Surgical Antiseptics
Thyriod and Antithyroid
Tropical Corticosteroid preparations with or without Antibiotics
Trophic Hormones
Uricosuric-Uricostics agents
Urinary Antiseptics and Antispasmodics
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B12(with or without B1 and B6)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E and K
Vitamin A and D